Miracle Seed

One day a desperate man sought Jesus, undaunted by thick crowds. He needed a miracle right away. He needed a miracle NOW!

He couldn’t let his seed of faith be trampled on the ground.

He must place it in Jesus’ hand to keep it safe and sound.

He wasn’t part of the “in” group, those Jesus had personally called. They were his closest friends. How could he get past that wall? The inner circle was tight. Why should they let him through? He had charge of the synagogue. That fact would have to do. For Jesus was a great man, called by some the Son of God. “I mustn’t waltz up uninvited,” Jairus might have thought. But this was an emergency. His daughter lay dying. So, he pressed through the crowd. On Jesus’ help he was relying. He hadn’t come to shake Christ’s hand or take a photo shoot. He’d come to satisfy a need and mustn’t remain mute. Falling down at Jesus’ feet, he made his request known. How different from today’s routine of chatting on the phone!

“Come to my house and heal my girl,” the sad man humbly asked. To his delight, the Lord agreed, not taking him to task. The seed of faith was flourishing, for Jairus had believed. Faith incarnate walked beside him now. What couldn’t he receive?

In His face we see the miracle, through His grace we find the seed,

If we’ll let go of pride and look to Him to meet the need.

He will not let our seeds of faith be trampled on the ground,

For He’s the One who saves us. Through His faith the lost are found.

And so, the two men walked along, surrounded by a crowd of Jesus fans and close disciples, people who were wowed by all the miracles they’d heard or seen the Master do. But all at once the fun camaraderie they shared was through, for someone more obscure than Jairus shook things up a bit. From her rose an idea of a faith that would not quit.

She had no famous friends to help her get to Jesus’ side.

No roof would they tear down for her. It wasn’t a free ride.


But she would not allow her faith to fall onto the ground,

And so, she snuck up quietly, without making a sound.


She couldn’t say, “Come to my house,” because she was unclean. The bleeding she experienced had kept her from her dream. To enter Jairus’ synagogue she wouldn’t ever dare. Until she was made whole, nobody had the time to spare. But Jesus was a kind man, she’d heard rumored. He might care. But what about the others, all the men who stood nearby? Her illness left her labeled. To approach them, she might die. “But if I touch His hem, then I’ll be healed,” she told herself. She’d spent too much to leave such wisdom lying on a shelf.


One touch and she was healed, but Jesus wouldn’t let her hide it.

He felt the power flow from Him. Why should she be shy of it?


He wouldn’t let her seed of faith be trampled on the ground,

Because He was determined that she spread it all around.


“Who touched me?” he kept asking, ‘til she finally confessed.

She told the Savior what she’d done and everyone was blessed –


Including Jairus, I believe, whose faith had taken a hit. For to see someone you love get sick and not recover from it can make you sad and doubt God’s willingness to heal the sick. “Where is His healing power?” you wonder. “What will do the trick? I need a miracle, He knows, yet chooses to ignore. I’ve been so long at asking. What is Jesus waiting for?” Now this woman he could not have let into his house of prayer a mere moment before was now happily standing there, testifying to the awesome power of God to heal. Through her he saw the truth of it: “This man is the real deal.”


As if on cue, somebody came and stopped the hopeful man. “Don’t bother Jesus anymore. To heal can’t be the plan. Your daughter is dead, Jairus, and the mourners are all there.” He trampled on the seed of faith with tidings of despair. His news was like a rock aimed at the faith in Jairus’ heart. Though said in all sincerity, it was like a fiery dart.


But Jesus wouldn’t let that heart become like stony ground.

He poured fresh water on it with bright words that still resound.


“Don’t fear, only believe,” he said before they reached the door. Inside, a group of tearful mourners sat upon the floor.


“Stop crying. She’s not dead but sleeps,” he told the gathered crowd.


They treated His words like a joke. The whole group laughed aloud.


He put them all to silence and He let them say no more. Soon every single one of them was headed out the door. The thorns that scorn had been cast out. Now faith could grow and thrive. Jesus raised the daughter up and now she was alive.


Such is the seed for miracles. It comes straight from the Lord,

And if we listen to His Word, then we will not be bored.









Author: wingandprayer

I am a writer of Biblically-based and other sorts of humor because I want to see the spirit of heaviness lifted off of people and replaced with the garment of praise as it says in Isaiah 61:3.

Throughout the years, God has inspired me with a number of ideas for fun stories based on the Bible and on Biblical characters. You can find one of my articles, “A Queen’s Eye View of Insecurity,” in the Faithwriters’ book “Mixed Blessings, Classically Inspired,” published by Breath of Fresh Air Press. Several other articles of mine, winning entries in Faithwriters contests, have been accepted for publication. Now my first super hero book is on its last leg of revisions. I look forward to sharing it with my fellow fantasy enthusiasts once it is published.

I also write healing tracts for missions and evangelism and have illustrated several books, including “How do You Hide a Dinosaur?”, “The Nail,” “The Tree,” and “The Vine,” by Peg Stormy Bradley.

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