How to See God’s Miracle Power

Do you want to see God’s miracle power in your life?

Then ask the Lord to help you overcome what leads to strife.

In other words,

Don’t talk bad about your spouse

Or, with your tongue, tear down your house,

And do not verbally trash your boss

While reaching for the dental floss.


Resist the fierce urge to complain

Or sink into woeful refrain.

For if you really want to live,

Then blessings are what you should give.


For what you sow you’ll surely reap.

It will spring up while you sleep.

Whether words of faith or doubt,

The growing crop will bring it out.


The words you speak bring life or death,

So then, speak life with every breath.

If to see wonders you aspire,

Remember they don’t grow in ire.


For if you want to see a sign,

Then with God’s best you must align.

Do you feel grieved enough to die?

Well, then perhaps you’ve gulped the lie


That by despairing you’ll get better

Such attitudes are like a fetter

Bound to a chain called “woe is me”

That stifles creativity.


“Reverse psychology,” you see,

Is not the way to set you free.

Such thinking happens to be flawed.

You don’t need sarcasm with God


To draw attention to your pain

(Unless you think Christ died in vain?)

According to His Word revealed,

By Jesus’ stripes we’re healed.


If you desire to see good days,

Then give Jesus all your praise.


If by His grace you will overcome what leads to strife,

You will surely see God’s miracle power in your life.



God Save the King Who Saves Us!

Bold Faith Makes Miracles Happen


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