Don’t Feed The Spirit of Pain

The spirit of pain truly yearns to be praised.

Though it crave your attention, don’t feed it,

Nor answer the pitchfork it sticks in your side

In order to hurt you. Don’t heed it.


The spirit of pain cries, “Declare ‘Death has won!

‘I give up. This is what I deserve!’

If you suffer enough, no one will beat you up.

The bullies will lose all their nerve.


That bullies stop bullying those who inflict

Enough pain on themselves is a thought

Which I believe tempts men to injure themselves

In order to shun an onslaught.


But self-torture will fail, because pain is a spirit

Based on the evil old lie

That the devil feels bad for the people he hurts

And does not really want them to die.


Take the Baal worshipers whom Elijah did challenge

To call on their god to send fire.

They slashed themselves sore until they were a mess,

But could not cause the feat to transpire.


When Elijah, however, in faith prayed for fire,

God heard him and answered his prayer.

But for those who believed in a violent god,

All that they found was despair.


Nevertheless, “God is good,” Jesus said.

He won’t give you poison for food.

If you ask for an egg, He won’t give you a scorpion,

For by nature He’s kind, never rude.


To get good gifts from Him, you don’t have to beg,

Be devious or stand on your head.

You don’t have to hit yourself. Christ paid the price.

For your pain, to the cross He was led.


He suffered the agony you feel inside

A thousand times more than you’ll know.

But three days later, He rose from the dead.

To proclaim this, I will not be slow.


Because Jesus set me free to follow Him!

His joy is my strength every day.

Resisting the devil, I’m seeing him flee.

His lies I don’t have to obey.


The spirit of pain will have no hold on me,

For I will be true to God’s Word,

Which is greater than anything pain can proclaim,

The best news that ever was heard!



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