Bold Faith Helps Miracles Happen

It is through acts of boldness that a miracle is grown.

When words of faith spring up to make a sign or wonder known.

Take Jairus, for example, who found Jesus in a crowd.

The man did not give up or hide his plan behind a shroud.


To Jesus’ personal “in” group this man did not belong.

Unlike the twelve disciples, he had no way past the throng.

But he had miracle seed he dared not cast onto the ground.

He must place it in Jesus’ hand to keep it safe and sound.


For this was an emergency. His daughter, she lay dying.

So, he pressed through the crowd. On Jesus’ help he was relying.

He hadn’t come to shake Christ’s hand or take a photo shoot.

He’d come to satisfy a need and he must not be mute.


“Come to my house and heal my girl,” the sad man humbly asked.

To his delight, the Lord agreed, not taking him to task.

The miracle seed flourished because Jairus did believe.

Incarnate faith walked by his side.  What couldn’t he receive?


Then someone more obscure than Jairus shook things up a bit.

From her rose an idea of a faith that would not quit.

She had no famous friends to help her get to Jesus’ side.

No roof would they tear down for her. It wasn’t a free ride.



She couldn’t say, “Come to my house,” for she remained unclean.

Her bleeding was a stigma that had kept her from her dream.

To enter Jairus’ synagogue she wouldn’t even dare.

Until she stood before him whole, that space he would not share.


“But if I touch Christ’s hem, then I’ll be healed,” she told herself.

She’d spent too much to let such wisdom lie upon a shelf.

She wouldn’t let them stomp her miracle seed into the ground,

But snuck up quietly, determined not to make a sound.


One touch healed her, but the savior wouldn’t let her hide it.

He felt the power flow from Him. The girl could not deny it.

He wouldn’t let her miracle seed be trampled on the ground,

Because He wanted her to spread the good news all around.


“Who touched me?” he kept asking, ‘til she finally confessed.

She told the Savior what she’d done and everyone was blessed –

Including Jairus, I believe, whose faith got sorely tried

When somebody ran up to him and said “Your girl just died.”


“There’s nothing you can do. The mourners have assembled there.”

He trampled on the miracle seed with tidings of despair.

His news, like a sharp rock, aimed at the faith in Jairus’ heart.

Though said in all sincerity, it shot a fiery dart.


But Jesus wouldn’t let his heart become like stony ground.

He poured fresh water on it with bright words that still resound.

“Don’t fear, only believe,” he said before they reached the door.

Inside, a group of wretched visitors sat on the floor.


“Stop crying. She’s not dead but sleeps,” he told the gathered crowd.

They treated His words like a joke. The whole group laughed aloud.

He put them all to silence and He let them say no more.

Soon every single one of them departed out the door.


He cast the scornful thorns out so that faith could grow and thrive.

Then Jesus raised the daughter up and now she was alive.

Such is the seed for miracles. It comes straight from the Lord,

And if we listen to His Word, then we will not be bored.


In Christ we see the miracle, His grace imparts the seed,

If we’ll let go of pride and look to Him to meet the need.

He will not let our miracle seed languish in the ground,

But will surely raise it up and cause the good fruit to abound.

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