The Bold Faith Connection That Heals

Based on the story in Luke 8:43-48


With bold faith and her eyes on Christ, the woman reaches out,

While her fierce determination casts aside all doubt.

To Jesus she draws near, bending down to touch His hem,

She gets her miracle in secret, but what happens then?


Power emanates from Him to stop her flow of blood

And from His garment, mercy pours upon her like a flood.

It’s not her strength or wisdom, nor the doctor’s expertise

That heals her body, but bold faith in Christ provides the key.


The cares she bears arise like birds, and fly into the sky.

One touch creates a miracle from God, who cannot lie.

He is the healing stream we need to wash away our pain,

And if we have bold faith in Him, then we have much to gain.


He will not ever leave us, so then why should we leave Him,

By acting like the chances that He’ll heal us are quite slim?

“It probably won’t work unless He does it on a whim.

After all, the doctor says the outcome may be grim.”


It’s easy to trust man instead of clinging to God’s Word,

Shaded beneath shadows of false comfort we have heard.

“Mortal man knows what is best. God’s too mysterious.

Don’t act like some fanatic preacher, making a big fuss.”


To take a bold faith stand seems strange to most folks in the crowd

Who wish to be unnoticed. They’re too shy to shout out loud.

“Why should I say that I am well when everyone can see

The miserable shape I’m in? I’m sick as sick can be.”


Such statements, however, deny that God does miracles,

As if His healing verses don’t apply to curing ills

Unless the wounds are “spiritual,” a “fact” no one can measure,

But the woman who touched Jesus must have learned God’s Word to treasure.


For she exercised bold faith as she pressed through the gathered crowd,

in fact, she’s who He noticed. “Who touched me?” he asked aloud.

Moreover, He told her to speak of what God did for her.

To hide the miracle was something He would not endure.


Do you hear him speaking? I hear it loud and clear:


“Don’t waver in your witness. Tell the truth and make it plain.

If you deny what I have done, your health it won’t sustain.

You must resist the devil if you would abide in me.

Stick with me in this matter. I am your security.”


So, trembling, she declared her deed and what had happened next.

No doubt heaven was cheering. As for Satan, he was vexed,

Because he hates a healing and he doesn’t want us well,

For healing comes from Jesus who does not want us in hell.


He shed his blood to save us from the worst disease of all,

The everlasting fever that resulted from man’s fall.

He wants to break our chains, our souls from torment to release.

If we will take a stand for Him, then we will know His peace.








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