Bully or Believer, Trusting in God’s Grace?

                                                       Do not be a bully. Remember God’s grace,

                                                  Forget not the mercy that shines from His face.

                                                    In addition, recall the wise tale of the king

                                                    And the servant who owed to him everything.


The king had just pardoned his mountain of debt

And purchased his freedom. How blessed could he get?

Forgiveness had conquered. The battle was won!

Consequently, the pardoned man thought he was done.


                                             “But the silver and gold are all mine,” said the Lord.

                                             “And here in my presence you’ll never be bored.”

                                             However, the man did not trust the kind king,

                                             And neglected to bring him a praise offering, 



Because in his heart the king’s face appeared grim.

So, he left, doubtful of the guy’s goodness to him.

His attitudes he had not learned to adjust,

As a result, he knew not how to trust.


                                   So, his joy over being debt-free didn’t last

                                   And when winter storms raged, he could not bear the blast.

                                    He missed his old pals with their glitter and bling

                                    And all the sweet comforts that money could bring.


In order to weather the ice and the snow,

He called an old friend and yelled, “Pay what you owe!”

Though his friend cried, “Forgive me! I ain’t got the dough!”

The man said, “In that case, to prison you go!”



                                                      At that moment, he heard a rap on the door.

                                                     When he saw who it was, he collapsed on the floor.

                                                       The king frowned at him. “I had mercy on you.

                                                     You should have had mercy upon your friend too.”


“If you require gold, then more gold I will give.

I’ll supply all your needs if you’ll only forgive.

But if you will not, then I’ll throw you in jail,

And you’ll have a very hard time making bail.”


                                          “In that place there’s torment. It’s bondage for you,

                                             A cage made of fear, chains of slavery too.

                                             I give you a choice today, so clear to see:

                                             To act like a bully or come, follow me.”


“So likewise shall my heavenly Father do also unto you, if ye from your hearts forgive not every one his brother their trespasses” Matthew 18:35









You Can’t Get Healed Through Greed

I Write to Delight, Not to Ignite a Fight








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