Gossip is a Bitter Vine With No Spine

Gossip is a bitter vine that has no spine

But feeds on trite digs sown, weeds overgrown.

Behold what flimsy breath of death, foul sip of poisoned wine,

Through which shines a ray of false sunshine,

Rather than a glowing spark divine!

Miracles lift you up but gossip pulls you low,

Giving you no place to go

but down.

I see you frown,

You say, “I don’t want to drown.”

But would you bring others down

To meet your selfish need,

A corrupt seed rooted in greed?

Gossip is a bitter vine, a shameful sign

Of the foolish way some people may choose to align

Their lives contrary to divine design.

Then, sinking in despair,

They see nobody there to help them

When they’re down.

Oh, muck-stained gown!

It’s not a pleasant state to live in hate

While waiting for flood waters to abate.

Of course, what’s real is real. What’s true is true,

And certainly there is a time to wait,

Though for some it may appear to be

Too late.

Yet truly, such need not be your sad fate

If you’ll allow me to elucidate.

You needn’t live a life that’s second-rate

Because the Lord is waiting to lift up

Your head. Therefore extend your hands. He’ll fill your cup

If you will take the time with Him to sup.

Take courage, little branch,

Because there’s hope

If you’ll reach up and grasp

His lifeline rope.

How to See God’s Miracle Power



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