See God’s Miracle Power

Do you want to see God’s miracle power in your life?

Then ask the Lord to help you overcome what leads to strife.

In other words,

Don’t talk bad about your spouse

Or, with your tongue, tear down your house,

And do not verbally trash your boss

While reaching for the dental floss.


Resist the fierce urge to complain

Or sink into woeful refrain.

For if you really want to live,

Then blessings are what you should give.


For what you sow you’ll surely reap.

It will spring up while you sleep.

Whether words of faith or doubt,

The growing crop will bring it out.


The words you speak bring life or death,

So then, speak life with every breath.

If to see wonders you aspire,

Remember they don’t grow in ire.


For if you want to see a sign,

Then with God’s best you must align.

Do you feel grieved enough to die?

Well, then perhaps you’ve gulped the lie


That by despairing you’ll get better

Such attitudes are like a fetter

Bound to a chain called “woe is me”

That stifles creativity.


“Reverse psychology,” you see,

Is not the way to set you free.

Such thinking happens to be flawed.

You don’t need sarcasm with God


To draw attention to your pain

(Unless you think Christ died in vain?)

According to His Word revealed,

By Jesus’ stripes we’re healed.


If you desire to see good days,

Then give Jesus all your praise.


If by His grace you will overcome what leads to strife,

You will surely see God’s miracle power in your life.



God Save the King Who Saves Us!

Boldness Mixed With Faith Makes a Miracle


God Save the King Who Saves Us!

“God save the king!” whispered the three people who knew about it,

Yet they had to be extremely careful not to shout it.

For at the time, a very wicked queen ruled Judah’s land.

She put her grandchildren to death so she could rule as planned.


Death and destruction overtook the country known as “Praise.”

As evil screamed for recognition, death ruled many days.

Meanwhile, sequestered in a room until six years had passed,

One boy remained protected from the bad queen’s vicious blast.


“God save the king!” whispered the three people who knew about him.

Of course, to save him from the queen, they dared not shout about him.

The little king was very much alive, that much they knew.

His whereabouts stayed veiled to all, except the chosen few.


The king would live as long as he remained obscure, unknown

Until the day arrived for him to sit upon the throne.

That’s when a larger group convened to help protect the king.

Before a larger audience His praises they would sing.


When finally, they fetched him, shielded well on every side,

And placed him in the temple, evil found no place to hide.

The trumpets blew. “God save the king!” his subjects now declared.

The mean queen’s ears picked up on it. Soon she was running scared.


She rushed into the temple, tore her clothes, and yelled “Unfair!”

“It’s treason!” she announced to see the true king standing there.

“It’s like a resurrection, but of course it can’t be real.

I killed them all. No one survived. Before me all must kneel!”


The priest who oversaw the celebration told his men

To drag her from God’s house, never to enter it again.

Out by the horse’s gate they went and slew her with the sword.

Deliverance took place that day as they obeyed the LORD.


And that’s how evil Athaliah finally met her doom.

Because the king still lived, her deadly reign had no more room,

For as the crowd rejoiced in him, the fear of her did cease,

Replaced by shouts of joy and unimaginable peace.


The story in II Kings chapter 11 tells how young King Joash escaped the murderous clutches of his evil grandmother. He remained hidden in God’s house for six years while Athaliah ruled the land, just as King Jesus remained hidden from Herod who tried to have him killed.

We live in an information age where keeping secrets has become very difficult. It can tempt  us to share too much of what we know. But sometimes truths need to be kept hidden for a while, until the time is right to share them.

In some ways, the truth of Jesus’ resurrection has been hidden from the church – not in the sense that His followers don’t believe He rose from the dead but in the sense that they don’t act as if He’s truly alive. Rather than expecting Him to empower them the way He empowered the early church, they reason that God no longer does the same miracles He did back then. They have allowed the spirit of death epitomized in Athaliah to dash their hopes and kill their faith. To them the true identity of the real king remains hidden.

But as the time of deliverance draws near, those of us who know our king will be strong and do exploits (Daniel 11:32). We will share the awesome truths God shows to us with those who are willing to help us defend it, just as Jehoiada gathered numerous commanders to guard the young king. The difference is, we don’t need to cry “God save the king!” because King Jesus doesn’t need saving. He gave His life to save us. As we lift our hands and rejoice in Him, the devils in our lives will exposed themselves just as Athaliah heard the people’s praise and exposed herself. That’s because Satan wants to be worshiped and will always complain when we worship Jesus, who IS the resurrection and the life (John 11:25).

A sword of metal killed Athaliah. To cast out devils, we have God’s Word, the truth that’s found in Christ. The Holy Spirit makes His resurrection power real to us. (Acts 1:8; Romans 8:11)

There’s nothing to worry about because Jesus has won the victory for us.

“Forasmuch then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood, He also himself likewise took part of the same; that through death he might destroy him that had the power of death, that is, the devil; and deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetimes subject to bondage.” (Hebrews 2:14-15)


What to Do When Your Life Stinks

What to Do When Your Life Stinks

It stinks, it stinks, my life does stink

Groaned the woman on the brink.

Into the well she thought to sink.

Then Jesus offered her a drink.


“Believe in me, I am your life.

I bring new hope to calm your strife.

With peace to overcome your fear

As long as you have ears to hear.”


From her viewpoint, the world seemed bleak.

She doubted what she heard him speak.

In sorrow drowning, trembling, weak,

Before the one she’d come to seek,


She said, “If you’d been by his side,

My brother never would have died.

I knew the good times couldn’t last.

The time for miracles is past.”


“I’m with you now. You’re not alone.

Go to the tomb. Remove the stone,”

The Lord commanded in a way

She knew she needed to obey.


“But, Lord, it stinks. Don’t make me face

The stench of death which brings disgrace.

It stinks, it stinks, the pain’s too great.

I told you that you came too late.”


“Remove the stone from off the tomb.

And give the man some breathing room.

Remove the stone, complete the story

If you want to see God’s glory.”


“Believe,” is what he said to her.

So, she obeyed His Words so sure.

Then Jesus called. The man arose,

Because to heed God’s call she chose.


Does your life stink? Are you in pain?

And can you barely stand the strain?

Then take the stone from off your heart

And let God speak to every part.


“But Lord, the stench is far too great!

I fear you have arrived too late

To stop the sin I want to hide.

I dare not let you touch my pride.”


Some won’t let Jesus near their tomb.

They will not give Him any room.

But for those who let Him in,

God’s glory will be seen with in.



We all have things in our lives that stink, areas in which God wants to shine His light. He wants to do miracles for us, replacing death with life. But in order for Him to do that, we must surrender whatever “stones” lie in the way. Perhaps the greatest stone is pride. Pride won’t let anyone smell the dead thing that lies behind it. But like Martha at Lazarus’s tomb (story in John chapter 11), we need to be willing to air out the sepulcher. If we do, we will experience God’s awesome resurrection power.

The Fear of Man is a Miracle Killer

Miracles That Bear Good Fruit Attract Persecution

You Can’t Get Healed Through Greed

 The healed man had some clothes that he

  Had parted with reluctantly,

Although his wife had said with dread,

“I will not have them near my bed.”


But he had scoffed. “What could it hurt?

Behold this fabulous T-shirt!”

“I won it on the battlefield,

And think it makes a glorious shield!”

“In such bright goods I must invest.

Believe me, dear. It’s for the best.”


She pointed to his furry hat.

“Such headgear makes your face too fat.

If being healed is your desire,

Then throw those garments in the fire!”


“They are not harming anything.

Their praises I will gladly sing,”

Said Naaman, though he had no peace.

While he pursued a sure release

From his unsightly leprosy,

His wife refused to let him be.


“Those smelly things reek of disease.

Please toss them NOW. Set me at ease.”

“Ah, but I snagged them at a sale.

Over the crowds I did prevail.”


“It isn’t Christmastime,” said she.

“Stop stalling so pathetically.”

So, Naaman set out for the dump,

but he was feeling like a grump.

The prophet lived too far away.

To get there took him half a day.


He started knocking on the door.

“Important man here. Don’t ignore!”

“Just wave your hand and do the deed!

Heal me, prophet, with great speed!”


After a while, a messenger came.

Gehazi was the servant’s name.

“If you’d be healed,” he told the man,

“then you must heed my master’s plan.”


Now Naaman’s insides filled with wrath

when told that he must take a bath,

Not once, not twice, but seven times.

Was it to pay for all his crimes?


“That insult,” he said, “I can’t bear.”

“The idiot cap, then, you will wear,”

His servants said. “Would you be healed?”

So, from his back, his robe he peeled.

He took his shirt and vest off too,

And ere he plunged into the brew,


Removed his shoes and socks and pants

(His underwear was full of ants).

Then in the Jordan he did dip

His naked body. What a trip!

For, even though the cure was free,

It didn’t happen instantly.


But as the man bathed, he got healed.

That’s how he saw God’s will revealed.

His skin, now healed, was soft and clean.

In old clothes he would not be seen.


His servants brought him something new.

Meanwhile, what could rich Naaman do

About the clothes he said he’d ditch,

The ones his wife told him to pitch?


To bury them would not be fun,

Although the sad deed must be done.

Back to the prophet he must go,

Thank him with grace, and not be slow.

He told the prophet, “Your God’s real!

I’ll worship him now. He’s the deal!”


Somehow, he felt that he should pay

For his healing, without delay.

But God’s man said, “You’re healed for free!”

So, he departed joyfully


Yet with a giant load of dirt

For burying the hat and shirt

And all his other germy clothes.

He wouldn’t be caught dead in those!


The outfits, used, to him weren’t cool,

And yet they made Gehazi drool.

Elisha’s servant found a way

To “steal” the guy’s old clothes that day.


But Naaman’s clothes spread leprosy.

Gehazi caught it easily

And from it he could not get healed.

Through greed his fate had just been sealed.


Now, there’s a moral to this story:

One, you must respect God’s glory.

Also, if you have a need,

Do not resort to selfish greed.

(based on the story in II Kings chapter 5)

God Save the King Who Saves Us!

Boldness Mixed With Faith Makes a Miracle

It is through acts of boldness that a miracle is grown.

When words of faith spring up to make a sign or wonder known.

Take Jairus, for example, who found Jesus in a crowd.

The man did not give up or hide his plan behind a shroud.


To Jesus’ personal “in” group this man did not belong.

Unlike the twelve disciples, he had no way past the throng.

But he had miracle seed he dared not cast onto the ground.

He must place it in Jesus’ hand to keep it safe and sound.


For this was an emergency. His daughter, she lay dying.

So, he pressed through the crowd. On Jesus’ help he was relying.

He hadn’t come to shake Christ’s hand or take a photo shoot.

He’d come to satisfy a need and he must not be mute.


“Come to my house and heal my girl,” the sad man humbly asked.

To his delight, the Lord agreed, not taking him to task.

The miracle seed flourished because Jairus did believe.

Incarnate faith walked by his side.  What couldn’t he receive?


Then someone more obscure than Jairus shook things up a bit.

From her rose an idea of a faith that would not quit.

She had no famous friends to help her get to Jesus’ side.

No roof would they tear down for her. It wasn’t a free ride.



She couldn’t say, “Come to my house,” for she remained unclean.

Her bleeding was a stigma that had kept her from her dream.

To enter Jairus’ synagogue she wouldn’t even dare.

Until she stood before him whole, that space he would not share.


“But if I touch Christ’s hem, then I’ll be healed,” she told herself.

She’d spent too much to let such wisdom lie upon a shelf.

She wouldn’t let them stomp her miracle seed into the ground,

But snuck up quietly, determined not to make a sound.


One touch healed her, but the savior wouldn’t let her hide it.

He felt the power flow from Him. The girl could not deny it.

He wouldn’t let her miracle seed be trampled on the ground,

Because He wanted her to spread the good news all around.


“Who touched me?” he kept asking, ‘til she finally confessed.

She told the Savior what she’d done and everyone was blessed –

Including Jairus, I believe, whose faith got sorely tried

When somebody ran up to him and said “Your girl just died.”


“There’s nothing you can do. The mourners have assembled there.”

He trampled on the miracle seed with tidings of despair.

His news, like a sharp rock, aimed at the faith in Jairus’ heart.

Though said in all sincerity, it shot a fiery dart.


But Jesus wouldn’t let his heart become like stony ground.

He poured fresh water on it with bright words that still resound.

“Don’t fear, only believe,” he said before they reached the door.

Inside, a group of wretched visitors sat on the floor.


“Stop crying. She’s not dead but sleeps,” he told the gathered crowd.

They treated His words like a joke. The whole group laughed aloud.

He put them all to silence and He let them say no more.

Soon every single one of them departed out the door.


He cast the scornful thorns out so that faith could grow and thrive.

Then Jesus raised the daughter up and now she was alive.

Such is the seed for miracles. It comes straight from the Lord,

And if we listen to His Word, then we will not be bored.


In Christ we see the miracle, His grace imparts the seed,

If we’ll let go of pride and look to Him to meet the need.

He will not let our miracle seed languish in the ground,

But will surely raise it up and cause the good fruit to abound.

What to Do When Your Life Stinks

God’s Miracles are Never Boring

Seeing Him is Believing

You Can’t Get Healed Through Greed





To Cure Infertility, Abide in the Vine

The cure for infertility is staying in the vine,

Partaking of the holy bread and sharing in the wine

No infertility is found inside the divine vine

For your life to be productive, then with Christ it must align.


For there is health in the vine,

True wealth in the vine,

We are fruitful and we multiply

When we stay in the vine


We are connected, resurrected

When we stay in the vine,

Well-nourished, we do flourish

As we abide in the divine


Without me, Jesus said,

You can do nothing, there’s no fruit

For everyone who trusts in me

Is like a tender shoot.


They get their life from me,

Not from worn-out religious rules

You cannot multiply if you

Imbibe the wine of fools.


How do you then abide in me?

By faith you must partake

And faith comes from my Word,

Which power nobody can shake


Drink in my Word with all your heart,

Its truth will set you free,

My Word has power to heal your lack

Of productivity.


But listening to worldly wisdom

Clogs the pipes of grace

That help you to digest my Word.

Would you behold my face?


You can’t be friends with Jezebel

And see my kingdom come.

And listening to Ahab

Will not help my will be done.



For Jezebel speaks of control,

Rebellion is her game.

And if you listen to her words,

Then you’ll be brought to shame.


She’ll tell you where to go,

And what to do and where to sit

Before me she won’t bow

And to My Word she won’t submit


Her husband Ahab’s fleshly cravings

Spoil the precious grapes.

He chokes the vibrant branches

With constrictive masking tapes.


It leads to infertility,

An absence of good fruit.

No spiritual authority

Is found within the shoot.


They’ll turn you into eunuchs

If you do not throw them down.

Resist the urge to please those guys.

Don’t cower when they frown.


The fear of man will lay a snare

And cause you to get burned.

If that’s the case, consider it

A lesson you have learned.


Without Me you will shrivel,

Wither up and slowly die.

It hurts to go your own way,

On your own flesh to rely.


It’s time to reconnect with God,

Who helps you to believe,

For I will never cast you out

If you will but receive.



Bully or Believer, Trusting in God’s Grace?

                                                       Do not be a bully. Remember God’s grace,

                                                  Forget not the mercy that shines from His face.

                                                    In addition, recall the wise tale of the king

                                                    And the servant who owed to him everything.


The king had just pardoned his mountain of debt

And purchased his freedom. How blessed could he get?

Forgiveness had conquered. The battle was won!

Consequently, the pardoned man thought he was done.


                                             “But the silver and gold are all mine,” said the Lord.

                                             “And here in my presence you’ll never be bored.”

                                             However, the man did not trust the kind king,

                                             And neglected to bring him a praise offering, 



Because in his heart the king’s face appeared grim.

So, he left, doubtful of the guy’s goodness to him.

His attitudes he had not learned to adjust,

As a result, he knew not how to trust.


                                   So, his joy over being debt-free didn’t last

                                   And when winter storms raged, he could not bear the blast.

                                    He missed his old pals with their glitter and bling

                                    And all the sweet comforts that money could bring.


To survive the harsh winter and get through the snow,

He called an old friend and yelled, “Pay what you owe!”

His friend cried, “Forgive me! I ain’t got the dough!”

The man said, “In that case, to prison you go!”



  At that moment, he heard a rap on the door.

                                                     When he saw who it was, he collapsed on the floor.

                                                       The king frowned at him. “I had mercy on you.

                                                     You should have had mercy upon your friend too.”


“If you require gold, then more gold I will give.

I’ll supply all your needs if you’ll only forgive.

But if you will not, then I’ll throw you in jail,

And you’ll have a very hard time making bail.”


                                          “In that place there’s torment. It’s bondage for you,

                                             A cage made of fear, chains of slavery too.

                                             I give you a choice today, so clear to see:

                                             To act like a bully or come, follow me.”


“So likewise shall my heavenly Father do also unto you, if ye from your hearts forgive not every one his brother their trespasses” Matthew 18:35









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