Bully or Christ Follower?

“So likewise shall my heavenly Father do also unto you, if ye from your hearts forgive not every one his brother their trespasses” Matthew 18:35



The king had just pardoned his mountain of debt,

And now he was shouting, “How blessed can you get?

“Hooray, he forgave me, the battle’s been won!

It’s time now to party. Let’s have us some fun.”


“But wait,” the king’s servant said. “Halt! Do not go!”

“It’s cold out there, man, and it’s starting to snow.

You’ve just been forgiven. Come, lodge here a while.

All your needs will be met. You’ll be dining in style.”


But the prodigal man did not trust the kind king.

The death-to-self life simply wasn’t his thing.

He missed his old pals with their glitter and bling

And all the sweet dainties that money could bring.


“The silver and gold are all mine,” said the Lord.

“Abide in my presence. You’ll never be bored.”

But the cries of his kids made him long for his hoard.

To stay there much longer he could not afford.


They tugged on his pant leg and whined in his ear.

His poor nerves were shot and he longed for a beer.

The torment was more than he thought he could take.

Their fussing made him want to dive in a lake.


That’s why the guy left, though it didn’t seem right.

He didn’t expect such a difficult fight.

His joy over being debt-free didn’t last

As he pulled out a blanket to weather the blast.


But as the flakes fell, the man started to freeze.

His shivering wife he knew not how to please.

His car had no heat and his furnace was shot.

His children had fevers. His forehead was hot.


Barely two hours at home and the king he forgot,

For there was no gold in the old honey pot.

He had to have money, he must get some quick.

He couldn’t rely on that fickle Saint Nick.


To survive the harsh winter and get through the snow,

He called an old friend and yelled, “Pay what you owe!”

His friend cried, “Forgive me! I ain’t got the dough!”

The man said, “In that case, to prison you go!”


At that moment he heard a rap on the door.

When he saw who it was, he collapsed on the floor.

The king frowned at him. “I had mercy on you.

You should have had mercy upon your friend too.”


“If you require gold, then more gold I will give.

I’ll supply all your needs if you’ll only forgive.

But if you will not, then I’ll throw you in jail,

And you’ll have a very hard time making bail.”


“In that place there’s torment. It’s bondage for you,

A cage made of fear, chains of slavery too.

I give you a choice today, so clear to see:

To act like a bully or come, follow me.”



















Author: wingandprayer

I am a writer of Biblically-based and other sorts of humor because I want to see the spirit of heaviness lifted off of people and replaced with the garment of praise as it says in Isaiah 61:3. Throughout the years, God has inspired me with a number of ideas for fun stories based on the Bible and on Biblical characters. You can find one of my articles, "A Queen's Eye View of Insecurity," in the Faithwriters' book "Mixed Blessings, Classically Inspired," published by Breath of Fresh Air Press. Several other articles of mine, winning entries in Faithwriters contests, have been accepted for publication. Now my first super hero book is on its last leg of revisions. I look forward to sharing it with my fellow fantasy enthusiasts once it is published. I also write healing tracts for missions and evangelism and have illustrated several books, including "How do You Hide a Dinosaur?", "The Nail," "The Tree," and "The Vine," by Peg Stormy Bradley.

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