Why I Dislike the Phrase “Working Mom”

Among the expressions I consider to be unfair, the term “working mom” tops the list. This term is most often used to describe a mom who holds a job outside the home. Unfortunately, if only moms with outside jobs are called “working moms,” that implies that moms who stay at home raising children do not work. The fact is, nothing could be further from the truth.

Raising children is not easy. It is work. Ask any mom. Children do not raise themselves. It takes parental involvement. There are meals to prepare, diapers to change, tantrums to soothe, homework papers to correct, rooms to clean, and a seeming endless list of chores that involve actual physical work. It’s like being both a housekeeper and a miniature day care operator minus the pay.

Caring for children while maintaining a home can be exhausting, whether or not the mom has an outside job. So, why are moms with outside jobs called “working moms” and those who sacrifice paying jobs to raise their families labeled “’non-working?”

Maybe it’s just me, but I would like the see the term “working mom” changed to something like “wage-earning mom,” because those who stay at home still work although they may not earn a wage. Isn’t it time we gave both groups – the outside-the-home workers and stay-at-home workers – the credit they deserve?

Author: wingandprayer

Writer, Artist, Cartoonist Illustrator of "The Nail," "The Tree," and "The Vine," as well as "How Do You Hide a Dinosaur?", books by Peg Stormy Bradley Author of "Pirates, Trees and Spelling Bees" as well as numerous unpublished healing tracts

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