Medicine for an Insane World, Part I

“Who said that you were naked?” God had asked the frightened man.

For Adam to feel guilty and ashamed was not His plan.

Clearly the forbidden fruit was messing with his brain,

To eat of it, we must admit, was totally insane.


Alone and unprotected he was never meant to be.

The Lord’s design was not for him to have anxiety.

What rebel urge had filled his heart to put God to the test?

At its worst, it was defiance; willful ignorance at best.


As Paul told Timothy, it’s not the man who was deceived.

He could have very well refused the fruit that he received,

But he allowed his wife to lead him to temptation’s door,

Regardless of the awful consequence which lay in store.


The evil knowledge overload was more than man could take,

Combined with instant condemnation which he could not shake.

It started with the fruit that planted doubt inside his head

And shook him to the core till he was overcome with dread.


To cover up his shame, the man relied on his own wit.

His wife and he plucked fig leaves which together they did knit.

But God saw through their scheme. He would not let such folly stand.

To pay for their transgression, He had something better planned.


One woman’s seed would pulverize the head that spoke the lies

Which caused such double-mindedness inside man’s mind to rise.

The Savior would destroy the tongue that lay the wicked snare

And demonstrate the fullness of His Father’s tender care.


He would resist temptation like no human ever could,

And through His kindness prove that God is very, very good.

For those who trust Him, He restores sound judgment and insight,

Atoning for their sin to change their mind from wrong to right.




Author: wingandprayer

Writer, Artist, Cartoonist Illustrator of "The Nail," "The Tree," and "The Vine," as well as "How Do You Hide a Dinosaur?", books by Peg Stormy Bradley Author of "Pirates, Trees and Spelling Bees" as well as numerous unpublished healing tracts

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