I Can’t Believe That God Wants To Use Me, It’s Wonderful -Johan Qahoush

This is what we as Christians need to be out there doing.

Life Ministries

What a nice day we had! Thanks brother Johan you are a great brother!

“Today Botros  and I decided to go to the biggest Mall in Scandinavia and just love on people! I’ve only met him 2 times and am so thankful to God for bringing him into my life! God creates people beautifully! We were loving people for 5 hours straight! Had amazing fellowship and were just so full of joy! Lots of people heard the Gospel, some testimonies: 3 people’s backs were healed, a guy’s both knees were healed, Botros prayed and saw a guy’s ear with bad hearing for 20 years get healed, and another girl’s hand was healed. Lot’s of people were encouraged, and thankful and I myself can just say life with Jesus is the most exciting & adventurous life you could ever choose to live! No day is the same, so many exciting things…

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Author: wingandprayer

I am a writer of Biblically-based and other sorts of humor because I want to see the spirit of heaviness lifted off of people and replaced with the garment of praise as it says in Isaiah 61:3. Throughout the years, God has inspired me with a number of ideas for fun stories based on the Bible and on Biblical characters. You can find one of my articles, "A Queen's Eye View of Insecurity," in the Faithwriters' book "Mixed Blessings, Classically Inspired," published by Breath of Fresh Air Press. Several other articles of mine, winning entries in Faithwriters contests, have been accepted for publication. Now my first super hero book is on its last leg of revisions. I look forward to sharing it with my fellow fantasy enthusiasts once it is published. I also write healing tracts for missions and evangelism and have illustrated several books, including "How do You Hide a Dinosaur?", "The Nail," "The Tree," and "The Vine," by Peg Stormy Bradley.

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