I Can’t Believe That God Wants To Use Me, It’s Wonderful -Johan Qahoush

This is what we as Christians need to be out there doing.

Life Ministries

What a nice day we had! Thanks brother Johan you are a great brother!

“Today Botros  and I decided to go to the biggest Mall in Scandinavia and just love on people! I’ve only met him 2 times and am so thankful to God for bringing him into my life! God creates people beautifully! We were loving people for 5 hours straight! Had amazing fellowship and were just so full of joy! Lots of people heard the Gospel, some testimonies: 3 people’s backs were healed, a guy’s both knees were healed, Botros prayed and saw a guy’s ear with bad hearing for 20 years get healed, and another girl’s hand was healed. Lot’s of people were encouraged, and thankful and I myself can just say life with Jesus is the most exciting & adventurous life you could ever choose to live! No day is the same, so many exciting things…

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Author: wingandprayer

Writer, Artist, Cartoonist Illustrator of "The Nail," "The Tree," and "The Vine," as well as "How Do You Hide a Dinosaur?", books by Peg Stormy Bradley Author of "Pirates, Trees and Spelling Bees" as well as numerous unpublished healing tracts

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