Speed of Sight, A Superhero Adventure

Boy From a Broken Home Gets Super Powers

If you’ve ever had trouble standing up to bullies, then maybe you can relate to Pete Plain, the main character in my book Speed of Sight, a Super Hero Adventure. A socially awkward eleven-year-old from Jericho, Pete can’t seem to do anything right. Then one day he finds out why: he’s being stalked, by a ghostly animal only he can see. Then, as if he hasn’t had enough trauma for one day, he comes home to find his parents are divorcing. The horrible malady known as “sadly absent dad syndrome” threatens to ruin his life.

When the school bully shoots his friend Jack with a mysterious, green goo, Pete knows he must take action. But where can he get the strength he needs to fight the devilish gang and save his friend? While on the bus ride home, he is given a special comic book the government has banned.

“The pictures and dialogue balloons are dangerous,” he has been warned, but the fact that it is a forbidden book makes it a desirable read.

Besides, what child ever got handed a book and told to ignore the pictures?

As Pete peers at the front cover, he gets the shock of his life. For suddenly he finds himself transported to a different place and gets taken on the adventure of his life. He soon discovers that he is in a battle between good and evil. Die Force and his dead weights are out to destroy his hometown of Jericho. They want to divide families and ruin lives. To win the fight against them, Pete has been given special powers: super sight and super speed. But as with any super power, there are those who disapprove. Heroic deeds involve risks.

Is he willing to take risks to do what’s right and save his friends, or will he allow guilt from past mistakes to hold him back?

Author: wingandprayer

Writer, Artist, Cartoonist Illustrator of "The Nail," "The Tree," and "The Vine," as well as "How Do You Hide a Dinosaur?", books by Peg Stormy Bradley Author of "Pirates, Trees and Spelling Bees" as well as numerous unpublished healing tracts

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